NewsUNC Committee Votes on Policy Change Against DEI Initiatives

UNC Committee Votes on Policy Change Against DEI Initiatives

UNC has voted to repeal a policy related to DEI, potentially jeopardizing staff positions across the university.

In a swift decision, a committee within the University of North Carolina (UNC) Board of Governors has voted to repeal a key policy related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) on April 17, potentially jeopardizing staff positions across the university system, according to NBC News. The decision, made in less than four minutes, sets the stage for a full board vote next month.

The move has sparked concerns about the future of diversity initiatives within North Carolina’s public universities. If the repeal is approved, it could lead to the dismantling of DEI offices, following a trend seen in other major institutions nationwide.

While proponents argue that the change reaffirms the university’s commitment to non-discrimination and institutional neutrality, critics see it as a step backward. Former UNC System President Tom Ross, along with Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, condemned the decision, “Republican legislative and university leaders who attack diversity at our public universities are failing in their duty to protect students while threatening our ability to recruit top scientists, researchers and innovators who power our economy,” stated Cooper.

However, conservative-leaning groups like the Carolina Partnership for Reform view the new policy as a positive step in reducing bureaucratic barriers.

Recently, we reported that the NAACP, in partnership with the Lawyers Committee on Civil Rights, has expanded its legal action against Arkansas over legislation blocking diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) teachings in public schools. They’re seeking an injunction against the LEARNS Act, alleging it undermines proper education on Black history and contributions.

Attorney Mike Laux filed the lawsuit, which criticizes Advanced Placement African American Studies courses for being marginalized and underfunded compared to other AP classes. President Derrick Johnson condemns a broader trend of anti-DEI laws nationwide, calling them a threat to the nation’s future. He vows the NAACP’s commitment to protecting constitutional rights and cultural respect.

Source: Black Enterprise


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