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FreedomPop Partners with Julius “Dr.J” Erving To Bring Affordable Phone Service To Seniors –

NBA legend Julius Erving steps onto the stage not with a basketball in hand but with a mission in his heart. With a career defined by soaring dunks and breathtaking athleticism, Erving now channels his passion for service into a partnership with FreedomPop, a wireless service provider dedicated to meeting the unique needs of America’s seniors.

Black Enterprise talked to Erving about his fervor for this endeavor and the importance of reliable communication, affordability, and inclusivity in empowering seniors nationwide.

Communicating Confidently 

Some individuals find technology daunting, particularly with tiny text, intricate user interfaces (UI), or frequent changes accompanying each new operating system update. This challenge is especially pronounced among older users, who may feel less at ease with smartphones.

FreedomPop was built to address the overlooked needs of this community. “They deserve attentive, patient customer care when they need help or tech support,” says Erving. I’m a senior who has been around for a long time, and I thank God for it. Unfortunately, many people my age and older can’t get out to service locations and retail stores to troubleshoot upgrades and repairs.”

Affordability and Financial Relief

Reliability and Authenticity

Throughout his illustrious career, Erving has established himself as a credible and authentic spokesperson. Drawing from his experience with various endorsements, he emphasizes the importance of aligning with products and services he genuinely uses and believes in. Erving mentions his alignment with FreedomPop, “my brand has crossed over between ethnic groups and those with money and without money.” Erving’s endorsement of FreedomPop stems from his conviction in its ability to genuinely benefit seniors.

Erving’s involvement with FreedomPop extends beyond mere advocacy and spokesperson. It embodies his commitment to promoting inclusivity and accessibility across diverse demographics. 

“We’re also speaking to adult children of seniors because we want to ensure that their parents or older relatives have a suitable carrier that cares and caters to them,” says Erving. “It also gets adult children out of the role of being tech support, and what adult child wouldn’t love that,” laughs Erving. 

Source: Black Enterprise


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