NewsOB-GYN Talks Health, Sex, Life In 'Black Women's Wellness' Book

OB-GYN Talks Health, Sex, Life In ‘Black Women’s Wellness’ Book

Back by comparative data, Dr. Melody McCloud’s book covers health conditions, diseases, and wellness resources to help Black women thrive.

Dr. Melody T. McCloud’s “Black Women’s Wellness: Your ‘I’ve Got This!’ Guide to Health, Sex, and Phenomenal Living” stands as a comprehensive guide to lifelong health and well-being, specifically tailored to the unique challenges faced by Black women.

“I offer this book as a Black female to be your one-stop reference on your personal quest to achieve total wellness, health, and happiness in every important aspect of your life,” McCloud states in the book’s description. With a relatable and warm approach, “Black Women’s Wellness” tackles subjects often overlooked in physician-authored books, addressing the microaggressions and less-than-desirable healthcare outcomes that disproportionately impact Black women. Backed by comparative data across various racial groups, the book provides clear, actionable information to help Black women live vibrant, healthy lives.

The award-winning poet explores the effects of social stress and microaggressions on Black women’s health, covering gynecological conditions alongside other issues related to the eyes, lungs, and musculoskeletal system. Readers can find vital information on the top five medical issues facing Black women: heart disease, diabetes, cancers, HIV, and maternal mortality.

The book delves deeper into wellness, exploring beauty, finances, life-management tools, self-care, and mental well-being, providing health inventory checklists and tips for empowered patient advocacy. The Black female OB-GYN has cared for civil rights matriarchs, celebrities, and countless others. She emphasizes in her book’s description that “If we improve a Black woman’s health, we can improve that of her family and future generations.”

According to the author’s bio on Amazon, the founder and medical director of Atlanta Women’s Health Care, PC, Dr. McCloud blazed a trail as the first Black female to establish an OB-GYN practice in Dekalb County, GA, and the third to do so in the metro Atlanta area. She is presently committed to spreading her health knowledge nationwide through books, media appearances, and lectures on women’s health, sex, relationships, and social issues.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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