NewsUnemployed TikToker Addresses Labor Shortage Crisis

Unemployed TikToker Addresses Labor Shortage Crisis

A TikToker vents her frustration as the labor shortage crisis looms on.

“Not having a job right now knowing that I put so much time and effort into it, I can’t even explain how demoralizing it is without bursting into tears,” she shared.

Noting all the “time and effort” she and others like her put into cover letters, interviews, and applications, Meolah addresses how “frustrating” it can be “to not hear a single response back or get so far into the interview process and all of a sudden you’re ghosted.”

“It is an emotional roller coaster,” she quips. “You are going through so much chaotic emotions.”

@meolah unfortunately this is not motivational LOL but i made a promise to be authentic about all of this on here so here i am ♬ original sound – meolah

The letdown of going through a full interview process only to not get the job can take a toll on one’s motivation and confidence.

“When you’re stuck in a position like this for so long eventually you’re going to wonder is it you and is there something you could be doing better,” Meolah explains. She concluded by calling out how “soul-crushing” the current job market is for her and so many others.

One look at her comments shows how many people agree and are going through the same experience.

“Been unemployed 14 months. It’s bananas! I have 15 years of experience, multiple degrees etc. nothing,” one user wrote in response.

“I’ve been unemployed since October and I’m tired,” another user shared.

The gripes highlight the growing labor shortage crisis plaguing the job market in research. While there are 8.8 million job openings in the U.S., but only 6.4 million unemployed workers, there are swarms of workers across the country who are willing but unable to find employment.

There’s a list of reasons employers aren’t hiring many potential candidates including ageism against Baby Boomers, lack of support for working parents, the evolution of artificial intelligence, a lack of company training programs, and an unpleasant work environment. If a company is looking to fill vacant positions, they can start working to address issues in those five key areas.

As for job seekers during a labor shortage, Robert Half suggests ways to stand out to employers including more focus on the industries that are hiring, expanding your network and skillset, considering contract work, or working with a recruiter.

“If someone needs to find a new job or wants to find a better job, the opportunities right now are more limited, aside from a few fairly narrow sectors,” Guy Berger, director of economic research at the Burning Glass Institute says.

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Source: Black Enterprise

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