NewsTaxpayers Face Marathon Wait Outside Atlanta IRS Center

Taxpayers Face Marathon Wait Outside Atlanta IRS Center

A line of taxpayers endured extensive queues outside of Atlanta’s Tax Assistance Center, most of whom were just trying to get their tax refund.

Atlanta News First reports that Atlanta taxpayers endured extensive queues outside the city’s Tax Assistance Center, but not everyone was looking for last-minute help from the IRS ahead of the April 15 tax filing deadline.

The center was open Saturday with extended hours, allowed individuals to engage directly with IRS representatives regarding their refunds, but the demand to do so led to hours-long waits under the sun.

A majority of the people in line had received an email or letter from the IRS stating they had to verify their identity in person. The notification went on to say their refund was being held until they did so. So starting as early as 6 a.m., individuals settled into lawn chairs, bracing themselves for the long wait before the center opened at 9 a.m.

“All I need to do is verify my identity, and that’s it,” one exasperated attendee said. “It’s a tiny process.” The sentiment echoed among the crowd, with numerous individuals sharing similar sentiments of inconvenience.

For Tynecia Thomas, navigating the IRS bureaucracy proved to be a daunting task. She lamented the challenges of seeking assistance through phone lines, describing it as a “hassle” and emphasizing her desire to access the funds she’s rightfully owed.

“I want my money; I work for this money, it’s my money, and I want it now,” Thomas said.

Despite the overwhelming turnout by taxpayers and the clear need for additional support, inquiries from Atlanta News First to the IRS regarding the lengthy queues remained unanswered by the event’s conclusion. The agency’s silence left taxpayers grappling with uncertainty about the causes behind the delays and the potential resolution of their issues.

Looking ahead, the IRS has scheduled one more Saturday opening on May 18, aiming to provide further assistance to those grappling with tax-related challenges.

Source: Black Enterprise


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