NewsStricter Access Restrictions Set In Atlanta Airport To Curb Homeless

Stricter Access Restrictions Set In Atlanta Airport To Curb Homeless

The airport will now limit access at all hours of the day.

Travelers to Atlanta Airport will now see new access rules in place. Restrictions into the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport went live on April 22 to curb unhoused people from seeking shelter there.

These restrictions extend to all areas beyond its main terminals, including the SkyTrain, Rental Car Center, and parking deck. The new ordinance aims to dissuade homeless people from trying to seek shelter inside the airport.

Some passengers, however, are happy about the changes, with one sharing how more “comfortable” travelers may feel with the restriction.

“When you’re traveling and stuff, it’s supposed to be good service,” shared Aniya Wesley to the news outlet. “You’re not expecting to come to an airport and see a bunch of homeless people standing around, not really flying here. They’re just sitting there; it doesn’t really make people comfortable. I know I wouldn’t be comfortable.”

Despite the benefit to passengers’ experience, those who are struggling with homelessness will have one less resort to escape outside conditions. Those who try to utilize the airport anyway will be subject to arrest.

Source: Black Enterprise


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