NewsRick Fox Combatting Climate Change With Green Concrete

Rick Fox Combatting Climate Change With Green Concrete

NBA legend Rick Fox is leading the charge within the green concrete industry.

There are many contributing factors to climate change, including the cement used in construction projects. It’s why NBA legend Rick Fox is going full force with his green concrete startup Partanna Global Inc.

When he’s not acting on screen, serving as an E-sports executive, or as the Ambassador at Large for the Bahamas, the three-time NBA champion has been busy in his Bahamas-based concrete company. Through Partanna Global, Fox’s team is hard at work swapping out cement with a proprietary mix consisting of blast-furnace slag from steel-making, Bloomberg reports.

The materials, such as volcanic ash, are combined with brine, a fluid waste made from plants or crushed rocks, to absorb CO. Unlike most cement, Partanna’s process weeds out the burning of fossil fuels or analogous emissions from cooking limestone.

“We have a formula that is going to change the world for the better,” Fox says “Focus on that. That’s the star, right?”

It was his Hollywood publicist and talent manager who first introduced Fox to the idea of concrete that breathes like a tree.

“I was thinking to myself, ‘Concrete that acts like a tree? How does that even work?’” Fox recalls. “I walk Wilshire every day, and I see trees busting out of the sidewalk with the concrete. They don’t really get along. To me, it didn’t make sense.”

Source: Black Enterprise


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