NewsMellody Hobson Covers All Things Money In Debut Children's Book

Mellody Hobson Covers All Things Money In Debut Children’s Book

“Priceless Facts About Money” delves into subjects like a brief history of money, allowance, international finances, and prices then and now.

Mellody Hobson, the trailblazing president and co-CEO of Ariel Investment Trust, is set to unveil her debut children’s book, “Priceless Facts About Money,” this fall.

This literary endeavor showcases Hobson’s expertise in financial literacy, delving into topics about bartering, profit and loss, the origins of credit, ATMs, and global monetary systems. According to Penguin Random House, Hobson infuses the realm of financial education with excitement, equipping young readers with invaluable tools to navigate the world of money, both now and in the future. The book features vibrant illustrations by debut artist Caitlin Stevens and humorous skits and inserts of Hobson and her business partner, John Rogers.

“Priceless Facts About Money” covers a wide range of subjects, including a brief history of money, allowance, international finances, and price comparisons between then and now. It also explores the various nicknames attributed to money, such as “bacon,” “cheddar,” or “smackeroonies.”

Hobson’s passion for financial literacy stems from her childhood when she enjoyed playing store and office for fun, fostering an early interest in money management. Her mother further nurtured this curiosity by involving her in household finances, teaching her about the “cost of living” through monthly utility bills.

The finance expert, honored with the prestigious Barbara Graves Award at BLACK ENTERPRISE‘s Women of Power Summit in March, has shattered barriers as a pioneering figure in finance. Last year, her Ariel Alternatives raised $1.45 billion for Project Black LP, according to BE.

“Priceless Facts About Money” is available for pre-order ahead of its Oct. 1 release.

Source: Black Enterprise

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