NewsHBCU Grad Releases “Bae-ffirmations,” Empowering Affirmations For Black Men and Women

HBCU Grad Releases “Bae-ffirmations,” Empowering Affirmations For Black Men and Women

Nationwide — Dive into the heart of inspiration with the launch of Bae-ffirmations: Empowering Affirmations for Black Women by Black Men, a groundbreaking book and audiobook by H.E. Thompson Jr., now available on Amazon and Audible. In a time when social media amplifies the extremes in the relationships, Bae-ffirmations emerges as a beacon of love, support, and empowerment, breaking the cycle of miscommunication between black men and women by fostering a narrative of respect and admiration.

Authored by H.E. Thompson Jr., a proud HBCU alumnus (Winston-Salem State University) deeply rooted in the Black community, Bae-ffirmations is born out of a lifetime of countless conversations with black men, capturing their genuine, but often not communicated, love and support for Black women. This collection is a heartfelt response to the whispered longing for verbal confirmation, offering a tapestry of powerful affirmations that celebrate the strength, beauty, and resilience of black women.

Created specifically for black women in search of inspiration and those who cherish affirmations and audiobooks, Bae-ffirmations aims to uplift spirits and strengthen self-belief. It’s a daily reminder of the inherent power within every Black woman, spoken directly from the collective sentiment of black men who cherish their presence in their lives.

“I hope to inspire Black women to realize their worth and empower them to continually seek the highest version of themselves,” says Thompson. “This is also a call to Black men to express their support and love, uplifting the incredible deserving women in their lives.”

Join the movement toward positive change and support. Embrace your journey with Bae-ffirmations and unlock a new level of personal empowerment.

Special Offer: The first 25 people to email, “Send me Bae-ffirmations!” will receive a promo code for a free audiobook. Share the power of affirmation, contribute your voice, and start a trend of mutual empowerment with #baeffirmations on social media.

Praise for Bae-ffirmations; what early reviewers are saying:

• “This is so awesome!”
• “Ladies, this book will not disappoint! Trust me when I tell you these affirmations are exactly what we need and will speak to your entire soul!”
• “How amazing and romantic!”
• “Beautiful work.”
• “I absolutely love this!”

Don’t miss out on this empowering journey. Purchase your copy today on Amazon and Audible, and start transforming your life with the power of affirmations tailored specifically for black women. Embark on a journey of love, strength, and unwavering confidence with “Bae-ffirmations.” Your story of empowerment starts now.

About the Author:
H.E. Thompson Jr. combines his expertise as a digital marketing luminary and his passion for empowerment in his latest work and 3rd book release, Bae-ffirmations: Empowering Affirmations for Black Women by Black Men. Born in South Carolina and a fixture in North Carolina’s entrepreneurial landscape since 2004, Thompson has leveraged his journey from Winston-Salem State University to an MBA from Colorado Technical University into over 17 years of impactful digital marketing campaigns. Recognized in the top 5% of the 2009 Influence Project by Fast Magazine and a City StartUp Labs fellow in 2014, Thompson extends his commitment to community upliftment through his ventures, including the Charlotte Business Directory and the BizKudos Newsletter. As a devoted husband, father, and co-host of the award-winning League of Hustlers podcast, Thompson’s multifaceted career culminates in this heartfelt publication, designed to bridge gaps and strengthen bonds within the Black community.

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