NewsGreat-Granddaughter of Booker T. Washington Releases Her Latest Book

Great-Granddaughter of Booker T. Washington Releases Her Latest Book

After eight years in the making, Dr. Rush releases her fourth book

Nationwide — Dr. Sarah Washington O’Neal Rush, great-granddaughter of Booker T. Washington, releases her fourth book, Blueprint to Excellence: Being, Growing, Leading, Soaring (BTE), available now on Amazon.

BTE is a workbook created to enhance the future of individuals, groups, and especially rising and aspiring leaders. The workbook is made up of 16 success principles grounded in her professional training in education, leadership, mental health, and her great-grandfather’s teachings on rising above adversity.

“It is both an honor and a relief to have finally published this workbook after eight years in the making,” said Dr. Rush. “Since I first discovered the depth of my great-grandfather’s work, only as a young adult, I have been on a mission to not only keep his legacy alive and his name honored, but I have made it my life’s work to lift up and encourage others with what I know now about the importance of being, growing, rising, and soaring in excellence.”

About Blueprint to Excellence: Being, Growing, Rising, Soaring

BTE is a practical, easy-to-read workbook. It is a transformative guide, designed for individuals, groups, especially rising and aspiring leaders—from older, mature teens, to senior adults. Drawing from her expertise in education, leadership, mental health, and the nonprofit sector, as well as the wisdom of her great-grandfather, Booker T. Washington, Dr. Rush meticulously crafts a comprehensive guide to personal and professional growth.

With an integration of strength-based, solution-focused, and cognitive-behavioral theories, the book is divided into four powerfully immersive quadrants — Being, Growing, Leading, Soaring—taking you through sixteen fundamental principles interwoven with thought-provoking exercises, discussions, and assignments. All aimed at fostering a holistic approach to growing in excellence. It includes lessons in character building, critical thinking, effective writing, goal setting, and more.

About the Author
Dr. Sarah Washington O’Neal Rush is a national speaker, author, and educator. Her previous books include Rising Up from the Blood: A Legacy Reclaimed, A Bridge Forward, and Timeless Treasures: Reflections of God’s Word in the Wisdom of Booker T. Washington, cowritten with her cousin, Gloria Jackson.

She is a featured writer of empowerment material, and she has appeared in print, on television, radio, in documentaries, and on podcasts highlighting the achievements of her esteemed great-grandfather.

To learn more, visit The workbook is available now on Amazon.

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