NewsGay Man From Ghana Finally Granted Full Asylum In the U.S.

Gay Man From Ghana Finally Granted Full Asylum In the U.S.

Thank goodness for freedom!

A man who fled Ghana after a brutal attack has finally been granted asylum. 

The law professor hopes his story prompts sponsorship for B’s commercial driver’s license so He can get back to work.

“We’re hoping to get the word out and to have him sponsored by a company to pay for that, which will lead to a job,” Thomas said. 

“In Ghana, he had a two-year apprenticeship to learn also how to do repairs for his own truck because if it broke down, there’s no self-service.”

U.S. Circuit Judge L. Felipe Restrepo sided with the law students and asked the immigration court to reconsider.

“He was threatened with death by fire or decapitation while being assaulted, doused with fuel and exposed to a cutlass,” Restrepo said. “All that was left for the mob to do was to cut off his head or set him on fire.”

Now that B is free, he says he’s “so relieved” and looks forward to dating and working. He wants his story to help Americans realize what the LGBTQ+ community endures in Ghana.

“What I really want the world to know is that queer Ghanaians have no life. They have no voice,” he said of the dangerous conditions Ghanaians in the LGBTQ+ community. “They live and survive by a miracle, meaning that if you, as a queer person, make even the slightest mistake, you will be gone.” 

After celebrating his sexuality by attending his first-ever Pride celebration, B said, “The atmosphere was great” and “noticed that everyone can do anything they want here because they are free.”

Source: Black Enterprise


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