NewsDr. Tashion Macon Writes 'Coming in Hot' Guide For Black Women

Dr. Tashion Macon Writes ‘Coming in Hot’ Guide For Black Women

Dr. Macon’s book is a transformative guide that addresses the state of the C-suite quest for Black women and the path forward.

In her groundbreaking book, Coming in Hot: A Blueprint for Black Women Setting the World Ablaze, Dr. Tashion Macon offers a transformative guide for Black women by exploring emotional and spiritual health and workplace wellness.

Drawing inspiration from literary giants like Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, and Alice Walker, Macon introduces the “Hotlist,” a groundbreaking framework designed to support Black women navigating their authentic career paths. The book states that Macon’s love letter to Black women acknowledges the assaults they have faced, both past and present, while simultaneously recognizing their indomitable spirit. “I expect to pull no punches about where the African American woman stands in relation to the culture and the corporate world in which she functions,” the best-selling author states in the introduction. “But make no mistake, the African American woman cannot be suppressed. She is skilled in creating something from nothing and has done so since before the founding of this nation,” she writes, paying homage to great-grandmothers and “all the Black Women who set the world ablaze” before her.

With a thought-provoking and straight-talking approach, “Coming in Hot” offers guidance on professional access, agency, and ascension. Macon’s words resonate deeply. She wrote on Instagram, “I hear you, your struggles… your fight from Hollywood to the Hallowed Halls of college campuses to corporate spaces. It has not gone unnoticed, and I’ll continue to voice our power and personhood loudly and proudly.”

As a trailblazer at the intersections of brand marketing, pop culture, philanthropy, and positive psychology, Macon’s professional experience is a testament to her visionary strategies, her Amazon bio reads. She has helped iconic companies like Arista/LaFace Records, Interscope/Universal, NBC, T-Mobile, and Warner Brothers achieve their financial and marketing objectives while also leading mission-focused organizations to fulfill their purpose.

According to her website, Culturalist and Communication + Cachet Catalyst has been instrumental in the highly successful branding of multi-award-winning artists such as Usher, Pink, and Dr. Dre. Macon has propelled renowned brands like the USOC Winter Olympics, Burger King, the World Cup, and the Oprah Winfrey Show to new heights of awareness and success.

“Coming in Hot” was released in March and is available on Amazon. The book became an international bestseller in the United States and Canada within just the first two days after its launch.

Source: Black Enterprise


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