NewsDaBaby Asks Judge To Reconsider Upcoming Trial Date

DaBaby Asks Judge To Reconsider Upcoming Trial Date

by Cedric ‘BIG CED’ Thornton

The artist asked a judge to reconsider postponing a civil case because his attorney has a ‘life-threatening and rare disease.’

A former landlord has sued recording artist DaBaby for injuries the man said he suffered for an alleged assault by the rapper. He is also suing for damages to his home. With an expected September trial date, DaBaby has asked the judge to postpone the trial because his attorney has a “life-threatening and rare disease” that has left him unable to work.

When Pagar found out about the filming, he went to the home and confronted DaBaby. He alleged that the rapper punched him in the face and knocked out several of his teeth. He called the police, but DaBaby left the home before they arrived. Pagar is asking for unspecified damages for his alleged injuries and damage to his house.

The Los Angeles Superior Court judge scheduled the trial for Sept. 3. DaBaby asked that the case be pushed back to a later date because of medical issues, but the judge rejected his request.
Pagar, who has been waiting for the case to take place, demanded that the September trial date not be altered.

The court initially denied the original request. “Nor will the court consider counsel’s medical issues as an additional ground to continue the trial, as counsel chose to leave that information out of the moving papers and still has other trials scheduled out-of-state at the same time. If counsel discuss the medical issue and reach a stipulation on that basis, the court would entertain that stipulation. But that is an issue for another day,” the order read.
He recently asked the judge to reconsider due to his lawyer’s disease.

He is asking for the trial to be scheduled at a later date to give the attorney time to recover.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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