NewsCreative Village Launches Plans For Affordable Housing In Atlanta

Creative Village Launches Plans For Affordable Housing In Atlanta

RYSE Creative Village has plans to transform the creative scene in southwest Atlanta with an innovative project.

The event covered the city’s entertainment sphere and RYSE’s ongoing project centered on combining affordable housing and micro homes. 

RCV is a tech-enabled content production studio and development incubator specifically designed for creatives in Georgia’s film, entertainment, gaming, and digital media industries.

Several community figures and companies were in attendance, including Rico Brooks, CEO of Adella Thomas Management, and Vice President and COO of Carver Bank Kenneth Rance, whose company is currently funding the development of the project. 

The multimillion-dollar Black-owned production studio has plans to become a talent incubator for the underserved in southwest Atlanta. It will include a virtual studio, a gaming center, podcasting rooms, a recording booth, a screening theater and other resources.

The first phase of construction for the project began in January of this year and is being financed by Carver Bank, one of the most notable Black-led banks in the United States.

The production space will continue to expand its role in the community by incorporating a housing component with hopes of developing micro homes during its second phase, which will be headed by real estate developer Booker T. Washington. If successful, this would produce the first affordable housing project of its kind in Atlanta. 

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Source: Black Enterprise


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