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Black Mom & Daughter- Owned Sneaker Company Makes History, Signs 7 World Football Champs

Nationwide — Meet Cynthia Cureton-Robles and her daughter Santia Deck, the owners of TRONUS, the first ever Black woman-owned sneaker brand to be launched by a female athlete. The brand continues to break glass ceilings after its latest announcement that it has expanded its footwear product line to include sports-focused Active Recovery Slides.

After years of passionately researching, planning, and developing the ultimate recovery slides, TRONUS has won the endorsement of Global Flag Football Greats, Top Coaches, and the sports medicine world. TRONUS makes history as the first female-owned sneaker company to sponsor global flag football champions.

Coming from a family of athletes and watching athletes’ careers cut short due to injury, many times due to overuse and simply lack of recovery, TRONUS founders pledged to combat this plaguing issue head-on. They began by focusing on the sports community that Santia and Cynthia are passionate about which happens to be one of the fastest-growing sports in America, Flag Football. As a flag football trailblazer, Santia’s viral videos of her Barry Sanders-like running style were heavily responsible for her meteoric rise to global prominence and fame, having amassed over three million social media followers worldwide.

The Mother and Daughter duo relentlessly spent months developing what has become the preferred recovery slides of flag football world champions, renowned flag football coaches and the sports medicine world. Esteemed Chiropractor and Sports Rehabilitation Specialist for Professional and Elite Athletes, Dr. Kevin Flythe endorses TRONUS Recovery Slides. He states: “Their sturdy shock-absorbing soles cushion the foot and protect it from high impact, thus reducing joint stress. They are more comfortable and reduce more foot fatigue than all the traditional slides that most athletes are wearing today.” TRONUS’ goal is to keep athletes currently in a game they love, healthier and longer.

Joining TRONUS as sponsored athletes are Darrell Doucette, Laval Davis, Dana Taylor, Kamrin Solomon, Shawn Theard, Jr., Corey Webb, along with Lucie Vinot, a member of the France 2023 National Flag Football Team. These exceptional athletes bring a wealth of talent, experience, and influence, with Doucette, Davis, and Taylor having recently secured victory as members of the 2024 USA Flag Football National Team and Solomon is currently the reigning Offensive Player of the Year for the former National Arena League (NAL), currently playing in the Indoor Football League (IFL), for the Jacksonville Sharks. Amazingly, all six men are members of the 2024 USA Flag Football World Championship team, Your Tax Gurus (YTG). This historic partnership underscores TRONUS’ unwavering commitment to nurturing top athletic talent and revolutionizing the athlete’s journey through innovative recovery footwear.

Cynthia Cureton-Robles, COO/Co-Founder of TRONUS, expressed her excitement for the new additions: “We are thrilled to welcome Darrell, Kamrin, Dana, Laval, Shawn, Corey, and Lucie to our TRONUS family. Their remarkable talent, dedication, and passion for the game perfectly align with our brand’s ethos. This collaboration is more than just a sponsorship; it’s a movement towards redefining the standards of recovery footwear in sports and supporting athletes’ careers from the grassroots level to the professional arena.”

Santia Deck, TRONUS CEO/Co-Founder, and former elite flag football athlete, passionately states: “I understand the importance of prioritizing recovery and comfort in athletic footwear firsthand. Our partnership with these exceptional athletes reflects our commitment to revolutionizing the industry and empowering athletes in one of America’s fastest-growing sports.”

Dana Simpkins, CPO of TRONUS, added, “Their insights will be invaluable as we push forward with innovative products that cater not only to elite athletes but to anyone who values health and performance in their active lifestyle. We’re excited for what the future holds and the positive impact this partnership will have on the TRONUS community and beyond.”

This partnership is part of TRONUS’ broader initiative to elevate the importance of recovery in athletes’ routines and inspire young athletes nationwide to prioritize their health and recovery. TRONUS is set to launch a series of initiatives that highlight its Active Recovery Slides and cushioned athletic footwear, promising a unique blend of fashion-forward design and functional excellence for athletes and fans alike.

TRONUS leads the charge in revolutionizing the sneaker industry, redefining what a sneaker brand can accomplish. With a steadfast commitment to supporting athletes and emphasizing the significance of recovery, TRONUS offers unparalleled comfort and performance in its Active Recovery Slides and cushioned athletic footwear, setting new benchmarks in the sports industry.
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