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Author Kim L. Dulaney’s New Book is an Open Letter to R. Kelly, A Candid Reflection on Celebrity Culture and Its Impact

The author of ‘Star Struck’ deep dives into the complexities of abuse, cancel culture, and redemption.

Nationwide — Kim L. Dulaney, acclaimed author and cultural commentator, releases her latest book, This and That: An Open Letter to Robert Kelly. The book, which pre-launched during the week of R. Kelly’s birthday (January 8), offers a critical exploration of abuse within the context of celebrity culture, law, religion, and community.

In the follow-up to her 2004 release, Star Struck: An American Epidemic, Dulaney once again invites readers into a thought-provoking narrative that challenges societal norms and encourages introspection. The book, presented as a book-length open letter to R. Kelly, doesn’t merely dissect the high-profile case but delves into the broader cultural elements contributing to such situations.

“I have been a best friend of Rob’s for more than 30 years and was introduced to a different public persona of R. Kelly through the trial and the media. Since sexual accusations are always to be taken seriously, I intentionally stayed out of the conversation so people could have their say. Now that the trial is over and R. Kelly is incarcerated, it would be a travesty for people to believe the Boogieman is captured and women are now safe. It would be a miscarriage of justice for people not to examine the culture and our individual roles that make an R Kelly possible,” says Dulaney.

This and That is more than just a literary work; it’s a manifesto for change. The book employs the concept of Sankofa, urging readers to reflect on the past to shape a safer and more equitable future. The narrative takes readers on a journey through the intricate labyrinth of celebrity culture, unveiling layers of complexity surrounding issues like abuse, gender equity, religion, and mental health.

The book’s unique approach is shaped by Dulaney’s long-term friendship with R. Kelly. It combines personal experiences with a critical analysis informed by her expertise in African American Studies, trauma, creative production, identity construction, and education. Dulaney’s writing goes beyond a cautionary tale; it’s a call to action, challenging readers to confront the cultural elements that enable abuse.

This and That: An Open Letter to Robert Kelly is a continuation of Dulaney’s literary journey and a significant contribution to the ongoing discourse on accountability. It stands as a testament to her multifaceted career, which includes groundbreaking achievements across multiple industries, and storytelling through various mediums.

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About the Author
Dr. Kim L. Dulaney lives in Chicago. She is a retired professor of African American Studies, and the current Vice President of Education and Programs at an African American History Museum. Dulaney has worked as a Fine Arts Broker where she curated collections for NBA All-Stars, NFL players, and other celebrated figures like R. Kelly. Dr. Dulaney is a prolific author, educator, curator, and film contributor. She is currently working on a book about The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and a documentary about Black Power.

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