News3 Tips To Overcome Career Obstacles

3 Tips To Overcome Career Obstacles

Use these tips from an Olympian to overcome setbacks in your career.

What were the factors that led to the phenomenon? “Drive, discipline, and sacrifice,” she says. “It took a lot of sacrifice and support, from my family to my agent to my fans to my coach.”
It also did not come without having to overcome setbacks.

BLACK ENTERPRISE caught up with Jeter and she dropped gems about overcoming and excellence.
Be consistent and deliberate in setting up clear goals for yourself
“It’s all abut your goals and what you want,” Jeter says. “What do you want to achieve? Set your goals up specifically. You have to have a strong desire.

Be aggressive in your approach to achieving your goals
“It’s one thing to write down goals, but it’s another to be aggressive about how you’re going to see them through,” she adds. “I wrote my goals down and of course it didn’t all go as planned, but after writing them down you have to stay focused. And even if something doesn’t happen at that moment, you have to keep pushing for it.”
 Use every setback as a springboard to step your game up

“The past few years I’ve been injured and that’s no fun. It plays with your confidence, but you just have to believe in yourself. Right now, it’s all about making this team. I’m focused on that this year. I’ve changed a lot this year [including] eating organic, doing Pilates, went to rehab. Everyone keeps mentioning I’m 36 and a little older, but I’ve changed so many things to get ready for success.”

Source: Black Enterprise


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