News16-Year-Old Black Author Releases Children’s Book Teaching Young People to Always Believe...

16-Year-Old Black Author Releases Children’s Book Teaching Young People to Always Believe in Themselves

Nationwide — Alicen M. Felder, a 16-year-old author from Detroit, has released her latest book Don’t Count Me Out, to teach young people to always believe in themselves regardless of what others may say. She says that it is perfect for when others’ opinions of you often overrule your beliefs about yourself.

Don’t Count Me Out is Alicen’s inspirational story about her soccer journey. Many people thought she couldn’t compete with the best of them because she was short, thin, African American, and a girl, but she showed them you can never judge a book by its cover or ever count her out.

Her journey, just like anyone else’s, has not been without doubters and challenging moments, but she worked through them. Discrimination, poor performance, and injuries could not keep her from playing the game she loves.

Alicen shares how she dreamed of playing soccer to become Michigan’s #1 Girls High School Soccer Point and Goal Scorer during her season. Her story is one of confidence, determination, and passion.

Don’t Count Me Out is a short story for children aged 6 and up with global themes and relevance.

Book Details:
Don’t Count Me Out
By Alicen M. Felder
ISBN: 979-8320273662
Available on Amazon

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Watch the young author talk about her book:

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