SportsZion Williamson's chest tattoo is near and dear to his heart

Zion Williamson’s chest tattoo is near and dear to his heart

Zion Williamson has been the headline of numerous jokes this season, but the most recent one might leave a permanent stain on his chest.
The New Orleans Pelicans player revealed a large tattoo of a cross on his chest with a roaring cat inside of it. Fans may have loved the idea of the tattoo, but they don’t like the placement of it on his chest. Instead of it being placed right in the middle of his chest, the tattoo is off-center.

Zion Williamson shows off his new chest tattoo 🔥
(via @2Cool2Blog)
— ClutchPoints (@ClutchPoints) December 27, 2023

Fans immediately noticed the flaw of the chest piece and had a line of jokes for Williamson, including Gilbert Arenas and Shannon Sharpe.
“Who’s going to tell him that it’s not centered,” Sharpe said on his “Nightcap” show.“Maybe it’s supposed to be a little over the heart, maybe that was the way it was designed,” Arenas said. “Zion, come on man. I get the concept … the belly is what stopped me. It reminded me of what Stephen A. [Smith] said. ‘He was at the free throw line, and his belly was getting to bouncing.’ As soon as I saw him with his shirt off, that’s all I looked at.”

Zion shoulda kept his tattoo in the drafts 😭😭 @ShannonSharpe @GilsArenaShow
— Nightcap (@NightcapShow_) December 28, 2023

Zion selected “align right” on the tattoo spreadsheet
— Duncan Smith (@DuncanSmithNBA) December 27, 2023

How does a multi millionaire get a tattoo this bad? It’s not even centered. Zion really concerns me. Truly. He might be a little special for real.
— J͞͞ D͞͞U͞͞B͞͞B͞͞ (@TheMindOfJDubb) December 29, 2023

Zion got one of the MyPlayer 2k tattoos smh
— Stardust Memory (@TheMSeries1) December 27, 2023

Williamson has been scolded this year for his weight. He was also threatened by porn star Moriah Mills after he had a gender reveal party with his girlfriend in June 2023. Mills threatened to expose her sex tape with Williamson and filed a lawsuit against him for allegedly having multiple people harass her.

Source: Rolling Out


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