NewsYouTube Terminates T.B. Joshua's Church Channel

YouTube Terminates T.B. Joshua’s Church Channel

YouTube has taken down the channel of the late Nigerian televangelist T.B. Joshua, citing violations of its hate speech policies.

In a statement to the BBC, YouTube stated that Emmanuel TV, the church’s channel, was “terminated for violating … hate speech policies.” Emmanuel TV played a significant role in Joshua’s global prominence and had amassed over half a million followers with hundreds of millions of views. Despite being suspended for the second time in three years, the church, now led by Joshua’s widow, Evelyn Joshua, has yet to respond to the recent removal.

Emmanuel TV faced another setback on Jan. 17 when MultiChoice dropped its satellite channel, affecting its DStv and GOTv broadcasts.

The BBC’s two-year investigation into T.B. Joshua disclosed allegations of rape and abuse within his Lagos compound. Survivors described their experiences as living in “Hell” despite believing they were in a place of salvation.

“We all thought we were in Heaven, but we were in Hell,” said Rae, a survivor who spent 12 years in Joshua’s compound. She revealed being sexually assaulted after traveling to Lagos for deliverance.

The investigation involved interviews with over 25 eyewitnesses and alleged victims across multiple countries, uncovering a pattern of sexual assault and manipulation. Multiple women detailed instances of sexual assault, forced abortions, and manipulation by Joshua, who was known for his purported “healing” ministries.

The alleged victims spanned various countries, including the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Ghana, the United States, South Africa, and Germany. Former church members and associates disclosed how alleged healings were orchestrated, with some “cured” individuals being paid actors or manipulated into believing in their miraculous recoveries.

Source: Black Enterprise


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