News'Young Love' Directors Drop Animation's First Looks

‘Young Love’ Directors Drop Animation’s First Looks

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As reported by Entertainment Weekly, Cherry spoke to the crowd about the story he wanted to tell. 
“The great thing about animation is that you can tell a story that’s specific but universal. It has themes of being a parent, being a young child trying to make your way through the world, and being a grandparent trying to deal with ageism. The packaging is obviously very specific because we’re dealing with a young Black family in Chicago. But the themes are universal,” Cherry said.

Davis and Cherry described the goal of their original short film. They opened up about wanting to give young Black children a place to celebrate their beautiful hair. Davis mainly talked about the animation side of things. Davis told the audience that the animators spent the most time on how unique hair textures and styles could be depicted on the screen, paying meticulous attention to how to express individual strands with the attention they deserved. 
“We spent hours and weeks trying to get the hair right,” Davis articulated. “In 2-D animation, we really haven’t seen anything like this. I think when it comes out, people are going to be blown away by how realistic and cool it looks.”

Young Love is set to debut on Max this year, and although a specific date hasn’t been released yet, the animation creative presiding over its process is Carl Jones – best known for his work on The Boondocks and Black Dynamite.

Source: Black Enterprise


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