NewsYoung Black Voters Hesitant To Reelect Biden Due To Palestine

Young Black Voters Hesitant To Reelect Biden Due To Palestine

Black voters, especially younger ones, are hesitant to support Biden due to the government’s lack of action for a ceasefire in Palestine.

“He’s really putting a stain on his presidency that I don’t think will be easily washed away,” shared Briscoe, who is a senior at Bowie State University, an HBCU in Maryland. “If the Democrats call for a cease-fire it may save the Democratic Party from, I think, a wave of young people not voting for them.’’

Across U.S. cities and college campuses, young voters, especially of color, have vocalized their concerns through protests, urging the government do more to stop the ongoing suffering of the Palestinians. A professor at Howard University believes that this “blind loyalty” to the Democratic party is rightfully being tested.

“Young people are finally seeing the impact of America’s war machine,” shared Kesha Middlemass, who teaches political science at the D.C.-based school. “That’s what students are so fearful of ‒ is this blind loyalty without consideration of the rights of Palestinians to exist?”

The revelation comes as many younger Black Americans have historically, and increasingly, stood in solidarity with Palestine. According to the Associated Press, this demographic is recognizing the Palestinian plight for freedom as similar to their own. In light of the protests against police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement, Black Americans are leaning their support away from Israel, which has been backed by the United States since its modern inception.

With more Black people jaded by Biden and the Democratic party given their inaction on this matter, it spells trouble for an already troublesome election year ahead.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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