NewsYe's Italy Gig Postponed Amidst Protests Over Hitler Comments

Ye’s Italy Gig Postponed Amidst Protests Over Hitler Comments

Kanye West’s, also known as Ye, highly anticipated gig in Reggio Emilia, Italy, was postponed, attributed to a combination of unfortunate circumstances, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Authorities delayed the event for safety reasons. A spokesperson for the Reggio Emilia prefecture said, “Given the fact that a rail strike was planned the same day, and that heavy rain is due, it was thought prudent to postpone the event.”

The concert’s organizers have offered an alternative date of October 27, pending their acceptance.
However, not everyone is pleased that Ye is performing at all, the Daily Mail reports, given the rapper’s past remarks praising Adolf Hitler and Nazism. Local veterans’ groups expressed anger over the gig, with Albertina Soliani, vice president of the National Association of Italian Partisans, condemning West’s statements and scheduled performance.

“Someone can be a fantastic singer, but then they are also judged by what they say, and West has made some inhumane declarations, and with what’s happening in the world today, we cannot accept this concert,” Soliani said.
Ermete Fiaccadori, ANPI regional president for Reggio Emilia, echoed these sentiments, expressing concerns about West’s message.

“I’m speechless that he cannot understand what he is saying, broadcasting a gross misunderstanding of what Adolf Hitler was in the course of history.” Fiaccadori argued that the concert was entirely out of order and emphasized Reggio Emilia’s history of opposing the ideas of Adolf Hitler.
While the concert remains in question, it is likely that if held differently than originally planned, it may be a listening event streamed online.

West, who has been in Italy since August, is reportedly working on a follow-up album to Donda, named after his late mother. His last live performance in Italy was in August at a Travis Scott gig in Rome, which made headlines for various reasons, including incidents involving pepper spray and fan-induced vibrations resembling a minor earthquake.

Source: Black Enterprise

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