NewsWyclef Jean Thinks The Fugees Are ‘Hip Hop's Beatles’

Wyclef Jean Thinks The Fugees Are ‘Hip Hop’s Beatles’

Wyclef Jean isn’t worried about what history will say about the rap group he pioneered alongside Lauryn Hill and Pras, TMZ reports. For the producer and artist, The Fugees’ impact on music is solidified despite only having dropped two albums together.

The Fugees, which was formed when the trio was in high school, have sold over 25 million records worldwide and are considered by many to be one of the most influential groups of all time. Wyclef alleges that U2‘s Bono referred to them as “Hip Hop’s Beatles” when the group was flying high off of the success of their sophomore album, The Score, which is certified 22-times platinum, the outlet reports.

“I didn’t understand what he was saying,” Wyclef said of the compliment. “Till I’m like 54, and we show up, and everywhere is just a packed stadium with barely [any] promotion. It’s just the energy.”

Seemingly echoing the longtime stance of his bandmate, Hill, Wyclef believes the band has transcended the entertainment industry. “You could go back to the beginning,” he said. “We was always like ‘we ain’t come to do music, we gone be a movement.’ Fugees is short for refugees. That’s what we about.”

Though released in 1996, The Fugees’ The Score has strong messages of perseverance in the face of unrest, rebellion, and resistance that still resonate in light of current events. It was an album that did not shy away from topics from racism to crime to the effects of poverty. But the group’s glaring love for their people has, perhaps, kept the album in rotation many decades later.

“You know, it’s one love, you know what I mean?” Wyclef said. “One love, one heart. That’s what we promote. World peace.”

“I remember people were saying, ‘The Fugees will never get back together,’” Wyclef said. “So, in the words of The Carnival, ‘say what, say what, anything can happen.’” For now, the group’s supporters can catch the reunited trio onstage to celebrate Hill’s cultural juggernaut debut album, The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, as the tour continues through Dec. 13.

Source: Black Enterprise


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