NewsWorkers, Pressured By 'Sick Shaming,' Overuse Medications

Workers, Pressured By ‘Sick Shaming,’ Overuse Medications

Another type of affliction called “sick shaming” reportedly entrenches the workplace.

Known as a method of pressuring employees to work while ill but then degrading them for appearing not well, sick shaming has resurfaced as an office issue. The practice is spurring increased sales of cold medications and purportedly causing many people to over-medicate.

Observers contend that sick shaming could hurt employers’ efforts to attract talent and retain employees as well as harm overall productivity.
“Having a culture where workers are asked to work or just expected to work when sick is bad for companies because it enforces the view that companies only see you as a number versus a human being,” stated Resume Builder’s Resume and Career Strategist Julia Toothacre.

If you haven’t heard about this, sick shaming is the act of being told by a co-worker to get out of the workplace with your cold, flu, and germs. Sometimes the message is delivered subtly, with a co-worker offering up a bottle of hand-sanitizer; while other times it is much less subtle, such as the “neighbor” who yells out from their cube: “go home”, after you’ve finished a fit of coughing.

All told, 65% of managers declare more clear sick leave policies are definitely (32%) or probably (33%) needed in their workplace.
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Source: Black Enterprise

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