NewsWhy Would Warren Sapp Take An Entry-Level Coaching Salary?

Why Would Warren Sapp Take An Entry-Level Coaching Salary?

by Cedric ‘BIG CED’ Thornton

Former NFL player Warren Sapp has been petitioning for a position on Deion Sanders’ football staff at the University of Colorado Boulder since last year when he expressed an interest in following in the footsteps of his fellow Hall of Famer to become a coach.

“I want to be there next year,” he said. “I’m going to get everything, the paperwork, and I’m going to go to work. Because sitting on my couch watching tape, making ‘Sapp in the Lab.’ I’m gonna go Sapp into class. I’m gonna go Sapp online. I’m finna go get this degree. Then we’re gonna go out and teach these kids these five steps to the quarterback.”
Sanders also intimated that he would welcome Sapp on his staff because he knows what he can bring to the athletes at the university.

“I want him to be [on my staff],” Sanders told Eisen. “It’s different…Guys like that, the only reason they won’t go into coaching is because of the time allocated. I don’t need all that. I know him. I know what I need. You don’t need to come here and sit around all day. Come in the morning, we practice at 9, we’re on the field at 9. Get those kids ready in the morning. Work your butt off on the field. After, watch [the] film with them and go home. You’re home by noon.”
After telling Sapp that once he gets his college degree, he will bring him on staff, Sapp completed that assignment and Sanders kept his word when he announced in December that Sapp is on board. The incoming defensive coach graduated from Texas Seminary Christian University with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Sports Management.

“Warren Sapp successfully completed all of the necessary steps required of anyone who is employed at CU Boulder, including a background check,” BuffZone was told by CU in a written statement. “Furthermore, Athletic Director Rick George personally met with Warren to clearly articulate the department’s standards and expectations, to which he acknowledged and agreed.”

Source: Black Enterprise

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