NewsWhy Online Job Applications Are Pain In The You Know What

Why Online Job Applications Are Pain In The You Know What

In this July 20, 2010 photo, a job seeker scans the internet for employment at a JobTrain office in Menlo Park, Calif. New jobless claims jumped last week by the most since February, reversing the previous week’s sharp decline. The rise is partly a result of seasonal factors but also reflects the job market’s weakness. (Sources: Associated Press)

Software engineer Shikhar Sachdev, who writes a career blog, knows that job hunting today is something most Americans have done in recent years, but is also time-consuming and frustrating.

Another issue he found was in many instances he was forced to retype information after uploading his resume because the application software misread it.

“Sometimes it’s not even the time,” he told Wired.
“It’s the mental fatigue of having to do it every single time.”
To make applications easier for employees, Sachdev advises prioritizing companies that use similar software or where you can simply submit a resume. Additionally, he suggests making a connection on Linkedin with the hiring manager.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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