NewsWhy Are Companies Cutting Out College Degree Requirements?

Why Are Companies Cutting Out College Degree Requirements?

Following your passion is great, but no one wants to struggle to pay the bills after graduating from college. That’s why for some students it’s important to avoid majors that traditionally don’t pay well. A recent study by Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce identified a list of college degrees that place African Americans at the lowest end of the pay scale. Following our look at the highest paying degrees for African Americans, here’s a look at the majors most likely to leave your wallet a little lighter.

The list of major companies to drop these requirements include General Motors, Kellogg’s, Dell, Bank of America, Google, Okta, IBM, Walmart and Delta Airlines. Walmart said its decision is in line with revising corporate job descriptions to reflect that “there are many roles where a degree is simply unnecessary, including at corporate headquarters.”

According to data, there is more evidence showing IT and managerial occupations have adopted a structural reset as they feature “significant technical or analytical requirements.”

On the other hand, since the start of the pandemic, cyclical resets removing degree requirements occurred in 27% of occupations including critical care nurses or registered nurses in the health care sector.
“Those occupations usually require specific credentials other than a traditional higher education degree, including health-specific certifications, state-licensing requirements, or certain measurable skills,” the analysis read.

What do employers want?

Why is college enrollment decreasing?

How fast is school tuition rising?

What is driving the increase in school tuition?

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Source: Black Enterprise


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