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Who is Mary Prince? Learn About The Convicted Felon Who Landed A Job As Rosalynn Carter’s Nanny

Mary Prince was later exonerated.

Mary Prince is the wrongfully convicted felon who stumbled across the job of a lifetime as the nanny of the family of former President Jimmy Carter.

The story of how Prince got the job is incredible. She traveled to the governor’s mansion for an interview when Carter was Georgia’s governor as a part of her conviction rehabilitation. Prince admitted that with her history, she was nervous. “All my life, I had wanted to meet a governor or a President,” she said. “But I was nervous too. I wondered how the Carter family would take to me.”

“I went outside and heard a shot. Aniemaude and this woman were fighting over Aniemaude’s gun,” Prince said. “I didn’t know anything about guns, but I tried to take it away, and it went off. We didn’t know it had hit anyone.”

The woman involved in the scuffle claimed Prince grabbed the gun and deliberately fired it, killing her boyfriend. She was later sentenced to life in prison after her lawyer, whom she met on day one of her trial, advised her to plead guilty. According to the book, Prince was under the impression that she was claiming guilty to involuntary manslaughter, “but it turned out to be murder.” 

After her case was reexamined, Prince was finally pardoned.

Source: Black Enterprise

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