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What Are The Top 10 Cities To Buy A Home In the United States? – Black Enterprise

Notably, the research pinpointed Macon, Georgia, as the current frontrunner for the most economical city for homeownership, where the overall costs amount to approximately $1,892 per month

Macon, Georgia: The Heart of Georgia

The most affordable city in the U.S. for homeownership offers a blend of rich history and affordability. Mercer University in College Hill adds to Macon’s appeal.

Detroit, Michigan: The Motor City’s Resurgence

Detroit takes the second spot on the list with an average monthly cost of $1,921. The city has experienced a resurgence in recent years, marked by population growth and a thriving arts scene.

Gary, Indiana: ‘The Magic City’ on Lake Michigan

Monthly living costs in Gary average around $1,931. The city’s Dollar House Program and revitalization efforts contribute to its affordability and attract new residents.

Flint, Michigan: Vehicle City’s Rejuvenation

Flint has faced economic challenges since the decline of General Motors. However, recent revitalization efforts have aimed to rejuvenate the city. Flint offers an average monthly homeownership cost of $738, making it an affordable option.

Toledo, Ohio: The Glass City’s Revitalization

Located on the shores of Lake Erie, Toledo has gained recognition for its affordability and ample housing supply. The Glass City’s ongoing revitalization efforts, including a burgeoning entertainment district, contribute to its attractiveness for homeowners. Monthly homeownership costs average $932.

Syracuse, New York: Outdoor Activities and Affordability

Canton, Ohio: Urban Renaissance and Arts District

Springfield, Illinois: Capital City’s Appeal

Lansing, Michigan: Progressive City with Affordability

Michigan’s capital, is recognized as a top choice for first-time buyers seeking affordability and progressive amenities. With a vibrant art scene and an economy driven by technology and manufacturing, Lansing offers a monthly homeownership cost of $1,156.

Pontiac, Michigan: Economic Renaissance and Housing Boom

Known for its historical ties to General Motors, Pontiac has seen a boom in boom in jobs and housing. Monthly costs for homeownership in Pontiac average $1,165, and it is a short commute from Detroit.

Source: Black Enterprise


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