NewsWendy Williams' Doc Reveals Kevin Jr.'s $100K Uber Eats Bill

Wendy Williams’ Doc Reveals Kevin Jr.’s $100K Uber Eats Bill

The Where is Wendy Williams? documentary premiered on Saturday, Feb. 24, and pulled back the curtain on the former daytime talk show host’s personal life and financial woes.

“When my mom was living down here, as one can imagine, it’s not a cheap lifestyle,” Kevin Jr. told producers, as reported by Radar Online. “The courts tried to frame it as though I was making all these charges for my own happiness.”

“My mom has never been a cheap person so whether to be flying her back and forth on private planes or even paying for appointments,” he added. “It was all under one American Express.”

However, Williams’ nephew, Travis Fannie, opened up about the types of charges Kevin Jr. and his mom made on the AmEx card that Wells Fargo called into question.

Another clip shows producers asking Kevin Jr. if he’s ever taken money from his mom’s account, to which he replied, “Not without her consent.”

The shocking reveal received mixed responses on social media, with some judging Kevin Jr. for the charges and others wondering how Wells Fargo would use that as an excuse to seize control of Williams’ assets.

“Notice he had a Freudian slip,” one user wrote about Kevin Jr.

“His answer tells me ‘manipulation’ is his way of getting what he wants,” added someone else. “He knows how she feels about him and will do whatever to make sure he good (she stated before). He capitalizes off her mental illness and use her funds to enjoy life.”

There was a lot of criticism aimed at Wells Fargo and its ongoing control of Williams’s finances.

“They froze her accounts because of that: ok I’m sure she handled that then what’s the hold up now? That’s HER money,” one person wrote.

“They froze this lady account before she even got sick and she been trying to get her money for years, and during her divorce she made it clear she pays her son rent cause she can,” another user added.

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