NewsWax Figure Of Late Rapper Takeoff, Unveiled By Mr. Officials

Wax Figure Of Late Rapper Takeoff, Unveiled By Mr. Officials

Complex reported that Ohio-based artist Mr. Officials has unveiled the world’s first wax figure of the late Migos rapper Takeoff. Through a detailed video posted on his social media accounts, Mr. Officials showcased the meticulous process of crafting the wax statue, using the image from Migo’s Culture II album cover to bring Takeoff to life on wax.

Despite facing significant challenges in his personal and professional life, Mr. Officials shared the news of closing down his business after three years, potentially losing his car, and facing the risk of homelessness. In the video, he acknowledged his difficult circumstances, but expressed faith in his artistic gift to pave the way for him, stating, “Now, before you begin to feel sorry for me, I’m okay. My gift will make room for me because it always has. Even with all my losses, I still believe that this is my year. I’ve heard God say over and over, ‘Finish what you started.’”

Inspired by Takeoff’s legacy, Mr. Officials emphasized the profound impact of the late rapper on his creative spirit. Despite financial hardships, he felt a spiritual connection to continue creating, particularly after working on the wax figure of the deceased artist. Reflecting on his experience, Mr. Officials shared, “This young man I’ve been working on is deceased, and yet I still feel a sense to pray for him. Praying for his soul, praying for his family, friends, and band members. That’s when it hit me: this will be the year that I take off.”

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Source: Black Enterprise

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