NewsWarren Sapp Wants To Join Coach Prime's Staff Next Season

Warren Sapp Wants To Join Coach Prime’s Staff Next Season

Hall of Famer Warren Sapp has been impressed with Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders’s success at two college football teams (Jackson State University and the University of Colorado Boulder).

And he wants in.
According to Sporting News, Sapp told The Rich Eisen Show that he wants a defensive line specialist position on Coach Prime’s staff. The Super Bowl champion has attended the season opener, where the Buffs beat Texas Christian University, and the team’s home opener, a 22-point win over Nebraska.

“Them kids, you know what, for the first time in my life, I was loved on by some defensive linemen, and they wanted to know, like, the keys to the vault,” Sapp told Eisen. “I had five, six young men around me, Rich, that was basically ready to strip search me like ‘I know that there’s a key in there, somewhere, that you’re gonna give me.’”
Sapp knows what he needs to do.

“I want to be there next year,” he added. “I’m going to get everything, the paperwork, and I’m going to go to work. Because sitting on my couch watching tape, making ‘Sapp in the Lab.’ I’m gonna go Sapp into class. I’m gonna go Sapp online. I’m finna go get this degree. Then we’re gonna go out and teach these kids these five steps to the quarterback.”
Sanders revealed that he’s more than willing to bring Sapp into the fold.

“I want him to be [on my staff],” Sanders told Eisen. “It’s different…Guys like that, the only reason they won’t go into coaching is because of the time allocated. I don’t need all that. I know him. I know what I need. You don’t need to come here and sit around all day. Come in the morning, we practice at 9, we’re on the field at 9. Get those kids ready in the morning. Work your butt off on the field. After, watch [the] film with them and go home. You’re home by noon.”

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Source: Black Enterprise


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