NewsVirginia Democrats Nominate First Black House Speaker, Don Scott

Virginia Democrats Nominate First Black House Speaker, Don Scott

Virginia’s newly cemented Democratic majority in the State house is already making historic moves. The members have nominated Del. Don Scott to be House speaker, who would become the first Black person in the state to hold this position.

“Virginia voters sent a resounding message on Tuesday that they wanted a Commonwealth that moved forward, and that is exactly what I intend to do as your next Speaker,” stated Scott in a statement on the news.

Now, with the State House and Senate holding a Democratic majority, Virginia faces a divided government for the next two years. They plan to advance progressive issues to be signed off on by the Republican official, especially in minimum wage increases and gun-control legislation.

Gov. Youngkin has also proposed a 15-week abortion ban, which Scott bluntly declined.

“It’s dead,” shared the Delegate on the women’s rights issue in an interview with the Associated Press. “The Democrats, we’re the party of freedom. I never thought that Republicans would become a nanny state, telling women to do with their bodies.”

Of his upcoming role, the Caucus expressed their delight in having Scott lead Virginia forward, “Speaker-designee Scott’s personal story – one of resilience, second chances, and historic firsts – reflects that of many Virginians and people across the nation.”

Scott’s story includes not only being a U.S. Navy veteran who acquired his J.D., but also of serving time in prison decades ago for a felony drug conviction. The Texas native’s journey to politics, while unorthodox, is a testimony of his own dedication to not only bettering his life but the lives of his constituents and fellow Virginians.

“I know I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors who built that Capitol,” shared Scott to the news outlet. “I just wake up with so much gratitude to be in this position. … I know there are so many people who are a lot smarter than me, who are Black, who never got this chance.” 

The former minority leader is prepared to enact change in the former Confederacy Capitol in the hopes of working with the Governor’s support to progress the state of Virginia.

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Source: Black Enterprise

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