NewsVideo Reveals Birdman And Crew Snatching Chain From Comedian Druski's Neck In...

Video Reveals Birdman And Crew Snatching Chain From Comedian Druski’s Neck In Recording Studio

by Cedric ‘BIG CED’ Thornton

We guess Birdman wasn’t trolling after all.

A video has recently surfaced of comedian Druski being chased by Cash Money Records’ Birdman, with the actor’s jewelry snatched during the incident, allegedly caught on surveillance cameras.

Although it looks like a robbery, some skeptics think this may be an act for the comedian’s reality show. According to a video obtained by TMZ Hip-Hop, the video was allegedly taken from surveillance footage at a Los Angeles recording studio on Friday, Nov. 10. The video shows the Cash Money owner and his crew approaching Druski in a studio hallway. Seen arguing, it appears as if Druski’s chain was snatched, and as he turns away, he heads for the staircase, and Birdman and the others pursue him down the stairs. A group of men were shown running through the hall. At the end of the video clip, Birdman walked calmly down the hall.

A man’s voice exclaimed before the ruckus began, “I’ll snatch that chain off.”

In recent months, Birdman and Druski have gone back and forth after the social media comedian posted a skit that purportedly mimicked Cash Money Records. In the skit, Druski portrayed the owner of a record label named “Coulda Been Records,” it chronicled the dealings of record labels who have shady dealings. The label is a blatant ripoff of Cash Money Records. Birdman got wind of it and gave off the impression that he was upset and wanted to step to Druski about the clips.In July, Birdman spoke about the alleged disrespect on Instagram Live with Druski. He warned the young comedian about the type of people around him who would do his bidding if necessary. During the interaction, Birdman repeated the phrase that became legendary when he appeared on “The Breakfast Club” several years ago when he felt the hosts were being disrespectful to him.

The mogul told the young social media personality that he had “been looking for him.”
“Put some respek on my name,” Birdman told Druski.

WARNING: Adult language

Later, Birdman posted a photo on his Instagram Stories that shows him with the chain taken off Druski’s neck during the “confrontation.”

The comedian reposted the “news” about what took place on the @CouldaBeenRecords Instagram account. Only time will tell what this is really about, as there has been no mention of police action or complaints being filed.

Source: Black Enterprise

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