NewsU.S. Rep. Joins Fight Against Hair Discrimination In Texas Schools

U.S. Rep. Joins Fight Against Hair Discrimination In Texas Schools

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee joins fight against hair discrimination in Texas schools after a state court ruling validated a high-schooler’s suspension for his locs.

U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is joining the fight against alleged hair discrimination in Texas public schools. Lee is rallying behind a teen amid his ongoing battle with Barber Hills High School for wearing his hair in locs.

The Texas lawmaker continued, noting that she is “stunned” that she has to rally behind the high-schooler to ensure he is not discriminated against.

“I am stunned, literally stunned, of a fight that I have to make for young Mr. George to be treated like a decent human being and be able to receive the education that the tax dollars of his parents and his family pay for every single day,” expressed the elected official.

Her support of George comes after a recent court ruling in favor of the Texas school district not violating the Crown Act, stating the issue is with the length of the teen’s locs. In the wake of the news, the Barber Hills Independent School District’s superintendent, Greg Poole, denounced the claim that racism was at play and that the CROWN Act is not a protector of “unlimited self-expression.”

“The CROWN Act does not give students unlimited self-expression,” shared Poole in a written statement, detailed by the Houston Chronicle. “High expectations have helped make Barbers Hill ISD a state leader in all things and high school standards benefit all ethnicities… Falsely claiming racism is worse than racism and undermines efforts to address actions that violate constitutionally protected rights.”

Lee intends to seek justice on behalf of George, believing the issue violates Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as the legal battle continues on.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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