NewsTyrese Is A 'Poor Businessman' According To Joan Pendergrass

Tyrese Is A ‘Poor Businessman’ According To Joan Pendergrass

Pendergrass’s biopic has taken a turn as Joan Pendergrass, Teddy’s widow, claimed actor Tyrese Gibson is incapable of bringing the proposed movie project to fruition.

The legal battle over the late singer Teddy Pendergrass’s biopic has taken a contentious turn as Joan Pendergrass, Teddy’s widow, criticized actor Tyrese Gibson, accusing him of being a “poor businessman” and incapable of bringing the proposed movie project to fruition, reports. The accusations are part of the ongoing dispute between Gibson and Joan Pendergrass over the rights and production of the biopic.

Court documents obtained by reveal that Joan Pendergrass launched a scathing attack on Tyrese in her recent filing, urging the court to dismiss the actor’s lawsuit. Tyrese had filed a lawsuit earlier this year, alleging that Joan had unfairly excluded him from the biopic after he invested a significant six-figure sum into the project.

In the recent filing, Joan criticized Tyrese’s competence in managing the movie project, stating, “Voltron and Tyrese had proven incompetent at putting together a movie project about Teddy Pendergrass.” She also emphasized that Voltron had not exercised its option to purchase Teddy’s life rights and copyrights.

Joan asserted that Tyrese’s association with the project was hindering its chances of success, claiming, “While [Tyrese] may be a talented actor and singer, he was a poor businessman and incapable of getting a movie made.”

Gibson has not yet responded to these latest developments in the ongoing legal dispute. 

Source: Black Enterprise


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