NewsTyreek Hill Faces Lawsuit Over Tackling Instagram Model

Tyreek Hill Faces Lawsuit Over Tackling Instagram Model

Model, actress, and influencer Sophie Hall claims that Hill retaliated with “crushing force” after she successfully held her ground during practice drills at his Florida mansion. The alleged incident left Hall in need of reconstructive surgery and months of physiotherapy.

The lawsuit, filed in Broward County, accuses Hill of battery, assault, and negligence. Hall contends that the NFL superstar became “enraged” and forcefully shoved her, resulting in severe fractures to her leg. The complaint states, “Unfortunately, after getting ‘humiliated’ in front of friends and family when he was knocked backward during a friendly football lesson by his friend Sophie Hall, Tyreek became enraged.”

Hall asserts that Hill, refusing to believe her height, flew her to Florida and invited her to his luxurious mansion. The suit claims that Hill invited Hall to participate in offensive drills in an attempt to showcase his skills. The situation reportedly escalated when Hill, allegedly embarrassed by the encounter, became angry.

The lawsuit contends that Hill’s aggressive behavior resulted in significant injuries to Hall, who sustained a right leg fracture requiring surgery. Despite Hill downplaying the severity of the injury initially, Hall was diagnosed with a fracture that necessitated ongoing medical treatment.

The complaint also alludes to Hill’s history of “violent and aggressive behavior towards women” without providing specific details.

Despite Hill’s history of legal issues, the Dolphins have not commented on the recent allegations. Hill, without legal representation listed, has not responded, and Hall and her attorneys remain silent on the matter. The unfolding legal proceedings shed light on the NFL star’s off-field challenges.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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