NewsTwitter Reacts to SCOTUS Rejecting Plan For Student Loan Relief

Twitter Reacts to SCOTUS Rejecting Plan For Student Loan Relief


In a decision that surprised absolutely no one, the Conservative-leaning U.S. Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that President Joe Biden’s $430 billion student loan forgiveness plan was unconstitutional.

As CNN reports, the program would’ve delivered up to $20,000 of relief to millions of borrowers.

In the decision, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote that the Biden administration and the Secretary of Education rewrote the law, as they tried to use the HEROES Act to waive the debt.

“The Secretary’s comprehensive debt cancellation plan cannot fairly be called a waiver – it not only nullifies existing provisions, but augments and expands them dramatically,” Roberts wrote. “However broad the meaning of ‘waive or modify,’ that language cannot authorize the kind of exhaustive rewriting of the statute that has taken place here.”

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Ultimately, Roberts said that the government needed direct authorization from Congress, which we already know is a no-go.

With monthly payment obligations set to restart in October, Twitter had plenty to say about the decision. The general consensus… well, read below and find out.


Student Loan Debt Relief Rejected By SCOTUS, Twitter Says “It’s Above Us Now” 
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