NewsTupac's sister responds to news Keffe D's arrest

Tupac’s sister responds to news Keffe D’s arrest

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Tupac’s sister, Sekyiwa Shakur, who is the president of The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation, responded to the news of Duane “Keffe D” Davis’ arrest on Sept. 29. Davis is an ex-gangster who was believed to have some connection to Tupac’s 1996 killing.
Shakur released a statement explaining how this step toward the truth was a victory.“This is no doubt a pivotal moment. The silence of the past 27 years surrounding this case has spoken loudly in our community. It’s important to me that the world, the country, the justice system, and our people acknowledge the gravity of the passing of this man, my brother, my mother’s son, my father’s son. His life and death matters, and should not go unsolved or unrecognized, so yes, today is a victory but I will reserve judgment until all facts and legal proceedings are complete. There have been multiple hands involved and there remains so much surrounding the life and death of my brother Tupac and our Shakur family overall. We are seeking real justice, on all fronts,” Shakur said.
His childhood friend, Jada Pinkett Smith also spoke out about the news.“Now I hope we can get some answers and have some closure. RI.P Pac,” Pinkett-Smith said.
According to AP News, Davis is one of the four suspects whowere identified early in the investigation. He allegedly is not the gunman but was the “shot caller” of the South Side Compton Crips gang.
According to public statements and books that were released, Davis may have incriminated himself, which revived the investigation.
He was arrested on Sept. 29, after being indicted by a Nevada grand jury on one count of murder with a deadly weapon, according to AP News.
He is set to appear in court next week.

Source: Rolling Out


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