NewsTrump Leaks NY Attorney General Letitia James‘ Address On Social Media

Trump Leaks NY Attorney General Letitia James‘ Address On Social Media

Infringing on his gag order, former President Donald Trump exposed New York Attorney General Letitia James’ address during a posting rant on Truth Social.

“Her Fake Case against me should be dropped immediately,” shared Trump to his followers. “My Financial Statements are extremely conservative, and her numbers were way off, including the fact that she undervalued Mar-a-Lago and Doral by Billions of Dollars.”

In the midst of his posts on the ordeal, Trump exposed James’ address by sharing a link from alt-right political activist Laura Loomer’s website, which featured documents detailing the Attorney General’s New York address.
As reported before by BLACK ENTERPRISE, Trump has received what many refer to as the “corporate death penalty.” As the investigation is underway, all of his businesses under his domain are now overseen by a receiver to ensure all money is being allocated correctly.

As the trial continues, Trump’s constant tweeting to rile up his supporters against the legal action directly breaks his gag order issued by a Federal judge. The incessant poster was supposed to abstain from speaking to witnesses or threatening any court official, including judges and district attorneys.
However, this ruling has not stopped Trump from utilizing his account to attack James as they proceed with the trial, which he refers to as “Biden Witch Hunt Trials.”

“I’m at one of my many Biden Witch Hunt Trials, this one in New York City, where New York State Attorney General Letitia “Peekaboo” James has spent many days, rather than looking for murderers and other violent criminals that are destroying our once Great City,” posted the 77-year-old.
Despite Trump’s claims of a “miscarriage of justice” and  “election interference” – the latter being an issue he is actually indicted for in Georgia –Trump continues to disrupt the case in what looks to be an troubling effort to undermine his opposition.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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