SportsTravis Kelce has surprising dating dealbreakers (video)

Travis Kelce has surprising dating dealbreakers (video)

Travis Kelce (Image source: YouTube/Watch What Happens Live)
Travis Kelce was already one of the most famous sports stars in the country before he hooked up with megastar singer Taylor Swift.
But the fame level for this Kansas City Chiefs tight end has ratcheted up multiple notches after Swift visited his game on Sunday. Cyberspace dissolved into chaos when TV cameras repeatedly showed Swift cheering enthusiastically for Kelce while she sat beside his mother in a luxury suite on Sunday, Sept. 24, 2023.“Swifties,” as Swift’s zealous fans are called, have since been rifling through old data to gather information on the 33-year-old gridiron star, who’s considered one of the greatest ever at his position.
One of the things that has been excavated and [is] going viral is a clip from “Watch What Happens Live,” where Kelce enumerates his dating dealbreakers.As show host Andy Cohen watches, Ramona Singer asks Kelce if he will stop dating a woman if she doesn’t have sex by the third date.
“The third date? I feel like that’s the breaker right there. Three dates, that’s like a while,” he said before walking it back a tad. “I don’t wanna say [it’s] a dealbreaker, but it puts some questions in the air.”

Another thing that could halt a promising relationship is the refusal to perform fellatio.
“Sounds like a dealbreaker to me,” he answered after a pregnant pause.
To be clear, the show aired seven years ago, long before Kelce met Swift. But it provides a small window into Kelce’s personality for Swifties who are now obsessed with [the] future Hall of Famer.

Source: Rolling Out

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