NewsTrap Spelling Bee Card Game Is Blowing Up With $1M In Sales

Trap Spelling Bee Card Game Is Blowing Up With $1M In Sales

As one of the hottest games out that celebrates Black culture, Trap Spelling Bee is on a successful run. With multiple celebrity endorsements and impressive sales totaling $1 million, the card game is becoming a family and party favorite.

Trap Spelling Bee is a card game that features untraditional words by incorporating ebonics, also known as African-American Vernacular English, or AAVE, into its play.

With words such as “skreets” and “bettagetcho,” players are expected to try out their slang knowledge to see if they truly know how these urban phrases are spelled. From its sparked popularity, games revolving around the language of the “trap” has led to Trap Translations and Trapcronym for engagers to test their skills even further.

Celebrities have also participated in gameplay and overall endorsements as the Black community supports the brand by the numbers. From Snoop Dogg and Chance the Rapper to Jordin Sparks and Roy Woods Jr., famous figures from all avenues have joined in on the fun and promoted the game to a diverse audience.
The Black-owned company prides itself on being a source of humorous entertainment for all, but especially the people who grew up with these terms and traditions. For those wanting to turn up the party, their company also has drinking card games and sing-along versions, from old school to modern rap, with every generation and occasion in mind. As the company branches out to host game nights for fans and supporters, its place within the culture is only becoming more solidified.

To test one’s “Traptitude,” the gaming and entertainment brand has all its products available for purchase on its website.
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Source: Black Enterprise


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