NewsToledo’s Oldest Black-Owned Eatery Continues 60 Year Legacy

Toledo’s Oldest Black-Owned Eatery Continues 60 Year Legacy

The city in Ohio celebrates its oldest Black-owned business, Ann’s Bar-B-Que, WTOL 11 reported.
Samuel Stuart, Jr., grandson of the original owners, Joann and Samuel Stuart, spoke about the restaurant’s role in the community. Samuel, who was adopted into the family, said that growing up, he did not realize how much the restaurant meant to the Toledo community. Now, Samuel operates the restaurant and sees the business from a different perspective. “But as I’ve gotten a little bit older, it is starting to dawn on me how important to the community it really is,” Samuel said.

Robert Savage told the news outlet his father was close to the original owners. “The original owner was a very good guy. He and my father were really close, and if my father would run short, he could come over here and get it from Sammy, and he’d make sure he got it. Good people.” 

WTOL 11 reported the restaurant has kept the majority of its original menu items. 

One user on Restaurant Guru commented, “Ribs are excellent, the best in Toledo.” The website summarized the most common opinions from all 121 reviews for Ann’s Bar-B-Que. The site noted, “Most users state that the staff is friendly. If you want to enjoy prompt service, you should go to this bbq.” The website rated the Black-owned restaurant No.396 of 584 pubs and bars in Toledo.
Joan and Samuel started Ann’s Bar-B-Que in 1963.

Source: Black Enterprise


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