NewsTips To Help Increase Your Income And Boost Home Affordability    

Tips To Help Increase Your Income And Boost Home Affordability    

Saving, investing, erasing debt and adding a side hustle are ways to boost your income and potentially boost home affordability.

New data reveals that lower income is a contributing factor to buying a home and home affordability is harder for Black Americans than other groups of people.

The home-price-to-income ratio, a measure that evaluates home affordability, has more than doubled to 5.8 from 2.6 as home prices have soared much faster than income over the past two decades.
Jaime Seale, the report’s author, shared with BLACK ENTERPRISE that Black Americans are underrepresented in senior leadership roles and industries with high job growth and wages.

“With less income, buying a house becomes even more of a challenge for Black Americans and prevents them from building generational wealth that can give their families financial stability for years to come.”
To help boost income and promote home affordability, Seale offered several tips. One piece of advice is to start saving, even if it’s only a small amount. Choose a high-yield savings account, like a certificate of deposit, that will pay you interest. Once you build your savings, you can invest in other assets like stocks and real estate to help you make even more money.

Consider investing in the stock market as soon as possible, a great way to earn passive income. Seale explained that when you’re ready to buy a home, you can use the money you made from investments toward a down payment, closing costs, or paying your real estate agent.
Further, pay off your debt. The reason: all the money that was going to those payments can now be applied to your budget. Use it to invest or stash it in a high-yield savings account.

If you’re willing to sacrifice a bit of time, Seale suggests getting a side hustle, working overtime, or finding a higher-paying job as ways to  increase your income.
Also, check out this, which offers multiple ways to help elevate your income.

Source: Black Enterprise


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