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TikToker ReesaTeesa Addresses Rumors About How Much Money She Made For ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’

TikTok creator ReesaTeesa became an overnight social media star after she posted the Who TF Did I Marry? series. The 50-part saga tells the story of her whirlwind romance with a man that she called “Legion.” The captivating video series garnered international media attention and millions of views on TikTok. This soon led to rumors that the viral sensation made big bucks for the real-life soap opera. The content creator, whose real name is Teresa Johnson, took to her TikTok platform to debunk these rumors. 

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“The stories about the amount of money that I’ve made on TikTok with this whole Who TF Did I Marry? series is wildly inaccurate,” she said.
She continued. 
“So, when I started this series, I was not yet in their creator fund. I didn’t get approved for it until like midway into the series, right? So, all the videos I did beforehand weren’t even counted for the creator fund.”
She also shared that soon after being approved for the TikTok Creator fund, she was suspended from monetizing content. 
“But here’s the kicker. Guess who got suspended out of the creator fund. I got suspended because I had multiple violations because I had reuploaded some of the videos in the series, and you can’t do that. For the next thirty days, I am not making any money from the videos. “ 
Johnson addressed the exaggerated claims about her earnings. 
“So to the people who think I’ve made 80,000, 100,000, 300,000, I am so sorry to disappoint you, but the actual number is nowhere near,” she said in the video posted Saturday evening.
According to The Nashville Film Institute, members of the TikTok creator fund earn approximately 2 to 4 cents per 1,000 views. Earning potential depends on several criteria, including engagement levels, the number of views, and the content creator location — the highest earning potential is for users in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy.
Brand partnerships are another way to earn money on social media. Johnson’s Who TF Did I Marry? series also caught the eye of several brands, including Hilton and BMW. However, no official brand partnerships have been announced as of now. 
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