NewsTiger Woods Makes History With His 24th Consecutive Masters Cut

Tiger Woods Makes History With His 24th Consecutive Masters Cut

Woods’ seems more than confident, saying, ‘I have a chance to win the golf tournament.’

Tiger Woods set another record at Augusta National Golf Course on April 12 when the legendary golfer made his 24th straight Masters cut. Woods passed the record previously shared by Fred Couples and Gary Player while battling his body and fatigue the whole way. 

As USA Today reports, Woods casts a long shadow over the game of golf, as evidenced by the admiration expressed by one of his playing partners, 33-year-old Max Homa. Homa told USA Today, “It really is a dream to get to play with him here. I’ve been saying, I always wanted to just watch him hit iron shots around here, and I was right up next to him. It was really cool. His short game was so good.” Homa explained. “I don’t think I can explain how good some of the chip shots he hit today were. We had a really quick turnaround, and if I was feeling tired and awful, I imagine he was feeling even worse.”

Woods had 52 minutes to prepare between rounds one and two, and as Golf Magazine reports, his routine involved applying what the outlet surmised to be Icy Hot across his stomach and lower back area. Woods also hit some golf balls using wedges, irons and woods before working on his long putting game shortly before tee time.

Woods appears to view his current standing (tied for 22nd place) as a position from which he can mount a strong challenge. Woods told USA Today after the conclusion of the second round, “I’m right there,” Woods said, despite the leaders sitting at 6- or 7-under par at the time of his comments. “I don’t think anyone is going to run off and hide right now, but it’s really bunched. The way the ball is moving on the greens, chip shots are being blown, it’s all you want in a golf course today.”

Woods also acknowledged how much he had to fight on the course. “A long day, it’s been a long day, it was a good fight, we did really well out there,” Woods said. “I’m tired. I’ve been out there for awhile, competing, grinding. It’s been a long 23 holes, a long day.”

Woods was uninterested in taking the time to celebrate the history making cut, as he told ESPN, “It means I have a chance going into the weekend, I’m here,” Woods said. “I have a chance to win the golf tournament. I don’t know if they’re all going to finish today, but I’m done. I got my two rounds in. Just need some food and some caffeine and I’ll be good to go.” 

Woods continued, seemingly undaunted. “If everything comes together,” Woods said. “I think I can get one more. I’ve always loved playing here, I’ve been able to play here since I was 19 years old. It’s one of the honors I don’t take lightly, being able to compete. The years I have missed, I wish I was able to play because there’s such an aura and mystique about playing this golf course that I don’t think – unless you have played and competed here – you probably don’t really appreciate.”

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Source: Black Enterprise

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