NewsThis New Law Will Impact Small Business Owners

This New Law Will Impact Small Business Owners

The Corporate Transparency Act is a new law set to impact numerous small business owners, aiming to combat money laundering, and tax fraud.

The BOI report necessitates information on individuals exercising “substantial control” over a reporting company or owning/controlling at least 25% of its “ownership interests,” as outlined in a compliance document by FinCEN, AfroTech reports. Domestic and foreign reporting companies must adhere to these regulations, while 23 specific entity types are exempt.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce outlines the mandatory details reporting companies must provide, including legal name, trademarks, current U.S. address, taxpayer identification number, and jurisdiction of establishment or registration. Failure to comply with the report submission can result in civil and criminal penalties.

Roger Harris, president of Padgett Business Services, expressed concerns about the potential oversight by small business owners due to the law’s additional administrative burden. He suggested seeking legal counsel for any ambiguous aspects of the law to ensure compliance. Harris stated, “There are some issues in the law that could require an interpretation of certain facts to determine who is a beneficial owner that must be included in the filings.”

The CTA reflects a broader governmental effort to enhance financial transparency and accountability, requiring businesses to navigate new compliance measures in the year ahead.

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Source: Black Enterprise


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