NewsThis Black Woman With a PhD in Nursing is Helping Other Nurses...

This Black Woman With a PhD in Nursing is Helping Other Nurses to Build a Career as Freelance Writers

Nationwide — Alexandria Jones-Patten, an African American registered nurse has authored The Write Remedy: Revitalizing Nursing Careers Through Health Content Writing where she uses her experience in nursing to explore the world of content writing and identifies a place for nurses to electrify this market. The guide covers how nurses can leverage their nursing experience to write compelling health content for large markets, breaking into the content writing space, and how nurses can market themselves as content writers. The book also covers some business basics to help nurses set their freelance writing business up for success.

Nurses are chronically burned out from bedside nursing and questioning their place in healthcare; content writing is an excellent option for nurses to pour into, educating large audiences about the very healthcare conditions they see in the work environment. This book helps nurses explore how to find those topics they’re well-versed in, target potential spaces to write for based on their niche area and utilize their nursing license to further protect the public, through content writing.

In a revealing 2020 survey, it was found that a significant portion of the nursing workforce, nearly 62%, is grappling with burnout. This issue is alarmingly high among younger nurses, with 69% of those under 25 feeling the strain. This situation raises a critical concern for the sustainability of the nursing profession, as early career burnout threatens both the well-being of nurses and the quality of care they can provide.

Understanding the urgency of this issue, this book aims to offer alternative paths within the healthcare sector for nurses. It’s designed to show that nurses, especially those feeling overwhelmed at the bedside, that they have several pathways to leverage their license and make a meaningful impact. Content writing is highlighted as one such pathway, leveraging their expertise and compassion in a different, yet fulfilling, way. This book is not about encouraging nurses to leave bedside care. Instead, it’s an invitation to explore and utilize their skills diversely, enriching their professional lives and potentially alleviating the heavy burden of burnout.

About the Author
Alexandria Jones-Patten is a registered nurse and health content writer. She has experience providing direct patient care both in a hospital setting and street medicine, serving populations experiencing homelessness. She received a PhD in nursing from the University of California, Irvine. She has also earned a master’s degree in both Nursing and Business Administration. She is working as a post-doctoral research fellow at Columbia University, focusing on cardiovascular disease research among minority populations.

Her book The Write Remedy: Revitalizing Nursing Careers Through Health Content Writing – A How-To Guide for Nurses to Start a Content Writing Business is available online at Amazon or by calling 866-200-9319 or



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