NewsTheses Best Friends Launched This Citrus-Based Liqueur

Theses Best Friends Launched This Citrus-Based Liqueur

Best friends may sip and drink together, but they win together, too!

When you marry the creativity of best friends Daphne Carter and Taia Rashid with a premium solution, the first Black women-owned citrus-based liqueur in the United States comes to life. Award-winning Cashid Beverage Ltd Co., named after the girlfriends’ last names, has been making big waves in the spirits industry since its launch.
“We are moms who are experiencing a life centered on fun, faith, fashion, and food! We believe in adding a bit of sparkle to our lives; currently, our sparkle is Limoncello,” Carter and Rashid wrote in a joint statement on their newly launched blog, Limoncello Life.
Rashid had experience working in corporate until she opted to be a stay-at-home mom. Carter was on her way out of the corporate world and equally longed for a transition. Rashid told Click 2 Houston that one trip to Italy began a “wildfire” that resulted in green light conversations with her husband and Carter to start a company. And it took less than two months for the ladies to brainstorm and get products on shelves.

On this new journey, Carter and Rashid are embracing what they call a Limoncello Life, an experience of luxurious and fun moments with friends and great company. They have long canceled the “work-life balance” idea and are unapologetically stepping into harmonious lives.
The duo’s flagship handcrafted spirit, Daphane Limoncello, is inspired by the Italian lemon liqueur originally made with lemon zest, sugar, and vodka. The duo was first introduced to the aperitif during weekly friendly gatherings. The premium spirit aims to fill the gap in a market “filled with sugary spirits or hard liquors and very few in between options,” according to the company website.

“Our products use only the very best ingredients. From our handpicked Meyer Lemons, premium agave syrup, and five times distilled premium grain alcohol, we require only the best. Our product is also gluten-free and low-calorie.”
Additionally, the Cashid team wanted to ensure that their premium spirit could be mixed, sipped, or even taken as a shot. They hoped for a “sippable cocktail for celebrations, parties, or even girlfriends hanging out,” according to the website.

Now available in two luxurious flavor varieties, Daphane puts a twist on the original cocktail to include less sweet and more bold with handcrafted lemons. The traditional Limoncello and refreshing Raspberry Berrycello “transport luxury cocktail connoisseurs to the allure of the Amalfi Coast through every sip, whether it’s the perfect lemon drop martini or chilled on the rocks,” a press release reads.

Congratulations to these empowering Black women.
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Source: Black Enterprise


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